Development of “PUŁAWY” is based on intellectual capital

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“Intellectual capital” is a term which is appearing in more and more debates and discussions. Up until recently, we had acknowledged the existence of social capital, and human resources, but the terminology had only been becoming more vague. At present we ought to redefine human resources as the intellectual capital which is an asset of a given company or organization.

Knowledge-based economy

Intellectual capital needs to be appreciated by the management. If it is understood as the knowledge which belongs to a given organization of company, it might be used to build tangible market value. At the same time, we avoid confusing terms and the glossary becomes more systematized. Let us not forget the components of intellectual capital either: those include organizational capital, relationship capital and market capital. Provided that we regard those as a capital which stands for precise value, we are likely to reshape our HR policy and prepare a comprehensive strategy of company functioning. To sum up, every training session and vocational courses for the staff ought to increase our assets, including the intellectual capital.

Turning theory into achievements

Three examples taken from Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” may be quoted here to illustrate practical implementation of the strategy of boosting intellectual capital. The first example is the recruitment of qualified staff. The element is crucial, and the job candidate should not only boast a good diploma, but also prove to be a good team worker. A company like ours needs people who are able to play in one team. We have therefore signed an agreement with Puławy Technical College, promising jobs in our Works for the top ten graduates. At the moment 3,000 people have applied to work for us, which proves that we are regarded as a very attractive employer. Also, better and better candidates join the College in Puławy, knowing that they may count on a good job if they prove to be the best pupils.

The second element of our approach is building career paths for our staff. A person who has gained access to knowledge and experience needs adequate stimuli to continue their professional development. To this end, we signed an agreement with Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, which was asked to launch a specialist course for our staff. The main reason for this decision was the need to develop human resources. We now have an appropriate, well-prepared career path customized for the company.

A post-graduate course is the third element of the strategy. The course is conducted in cooperation with Warsaw School of Life Sciences (SGGW). We are educating agricultural consultants who, upon graduation, obtain certificates proving that the worlds of business (Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”), as well as the academic circles (SGGW) would like the agricultural counseling to be competent and of high quality. The task is to provide both scientific knowledge and practical workshops for the specialist who work with farmers. We give them the opportunity to visit our manufacturing installations and the test crops, so that they may be prepared better for the work in their local community.


Based on a talk by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the Vice Chairman of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”, at the National Energy Summit GDAŃSK 2014 held on March 26-27th, 2014.