Development of Puławy as a part of Starachowice SEZ

| Prospects & Investment |

It is time to announce new benefits from the long-term cooperation of Special Economic Zone in Starachowice, the authorities of Puławy and Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. Some facilities in Puławy, including Puławy Science-Technology Park, have now become a part of Starachowice SEZ.

High potential of the region

Thanks to cooperation between all entities involved, as well as local and national authorities, it was possible to extend “Puławy” Sub-zone by 7 hectares of land for new investments. The result may appear surprising, as the initial plans for Puławy Economic Sub-zone were exceeded by 110%. The development potential of the area proves to have surpassed the initial expectations.

The official celebrations connected with expanding “Puławy” Sub-zone were attended by the Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński, the Chairman of the Board of Special Economic Zone in Starachowice Cezary Tkaczyk, the Mayor of Puławy Janusz Grobel and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty “Puławy” Zenon Pokojski Ph.D.

360 million PLN for investment

The value of investments which have already been completed in “Puławy” Sub-zone is a staggering 360 million PLN. Expanding the area where it will be possible to implement innovative economic projects will create even better conditions for development of the local enterprises. They will be able to conduct business activity in Puławy Science-Technology Park and on “Greenfields” type of land, which has been made available for development.

SEZ as the engine of growth

Owing to the fact that the functioning of special economic zones in the country has been prolonged until 2026, we will certainly be able to witness further growth of Starachowice SEZ and “Puławy” Sub-zone as well.
Supporting such activities stems from the strategy of sustainable development of Our Works and all connected companies and institutions. Recent events are also in line with the policy of innovation pursued by the European Union.