Developing a consolidation strategy

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The four pillars of PUŁAWY/fot.

February 21st 2013 saw the launch of a consolidation project pursued jointly by the Azoty Group and Pulawy Company with the aim of laying strong and stable foundations for the largest group in the Polish chemical sector. The project is being carried out pursuant to the Consolidation Agreement concluded between the two entities, based on best practice developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an international adviser on business strategy.

Involved in the project implementation are the Azoty Group and Pulawy Company employees. Its participants have been divided into a dozen or so thematic groups, each preparing an analysis of the current situation, identifying potential synergies and designing key strategic measures to be implemented in their respective areas of focus. As an adviser, BCG is providing the teams with technical and expert support, while coordinating the consolidation processes at the respective companies.

The kick-off meetings were held on February 21st 2013 in Tarnów, at the Azoty Group's office. The successive meetings will be held alternately in Puławy and Tarnów.