„Derby of Puławy” for the sake of kids’ safety

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The policemen of Puławy and a representation of Grupa Azoty Zakładów Azotowych „PUŁAWY” took up sports competition last week. They participated in a friendly volleyball match with one team made up of County Police Station in Puławy staff, and the other including the representatives of Our Works.

More than cooperation

Grupa Azoty „PUŁAWY” and County Police Station in Puławy cooperate on a program called „We take care of safety together”, which is targeted at pupils and focuses on their safety on public roads. The cooperation of Our Works and the Police involves not only the implementation of educational goals of the program, but also competition in sport.

This was possible when a social volleyball match was organized. The two teams which took up the challenge were headed by Zenon Pokojski, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty „PUŁAWY”, and junior inspector Wojciech Czapla, the Commandant of County Police Station in Puławy. Following the match, the players received Cups and prizes from Marian Rybak, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty „PUŁAWY”.

Safe way to school

Another element of „We take care of safety together” campaign, which Our Works support, the pupils from schools in Puławy will be able to witness the daily work of policemen at the local Station. Most importantly, however, they will have the opportunity to learn about traffic and road safety regulations at special lessons and from the educational materials prepared for this purpose.