Cooperation of fertilizer industry and agriculture

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Poland is still one of main agricultural producers in the EU, and at the same time a major consumer of fertilizers. We take the 9th place on the list of the largest countries and the 8th when it comes to national population. However, if we examine the acreage of arable land, Poland is the 3rd country in the EU.

Polish farms today

Reports and analysis about Polish agriculture have often based on outdated standards and cliched stereotypical images of this sector. Such approach disregards the fundamental and truly revolutionary changes on Polish farms. It suffices to say that as little as one third of countryside population makes a living on their farms. 60% of village inhabitants have little or nothing to do with farming!

Cooperation of fertilizer industry and agriculture

This is evident in the analysis of the structure of farms in Poland. In the eastern voivodeships small farms with one dominant crop are still the norm, while in the west and north of the country, the majority of farms have merged into large and modern agricultural enterprises.

Innovation in the Polish countryside

We have also observed a marked evolution of farmers’ perception of specialist knowledge. Previously, traditional media were the channel of providing news, education and know-how to the farmers. Currently, over 80% farms have broadband Internet connection. For this reason, “PUŁAWY” launched an e-commerce tool, thanks to which consumers access specialist knowledge and assistance on suitable fertilizing procedures and optimization of agricultural production.

Fertilizer market in Poland and its future development

The value of Polish fertilizers market exceeds 10 billion PLN per year. Such figure says little about the structure of fertilizer use in each of the 16 voivodeships, which varies greatly from region to region. Which aspects are especially noteworthy? In Małopolska and Podkarpacie, the consumption of fertilizers is three times lower than in Opolszczyzna. Even if we take into consideration differences in size of particular voivodeships, differences in fertilizer use are apparent. In Wielkopolska and Kujawy, large quantities of fertilizers are used, while in the east and south of Poland, consumption of those substances is low. At present 127 kilograms of fertilizers per hectare are used. This figure is forecast to reach 135 kg per ha by 2020. As a manufacturer of fertilizers, we expect the consumption of fertilizers to grow systematically, and the knowledge about their proper use to increase as well. We need to keep it in mind, especially that experts predict there will be 9 billion of people in the world to feed in 2050!

Cooperation of fertilizer industry and agriculture

Based on a talk by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D. at IFMA 19 Congress in Warsaw – July 26th 2013.