Cooperation between Poland and Malaysia

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An agreement was signed on September 15th, 2014 in Sipitang Oil & Gas Industrial Park (SOGIP) in Sabah state (Malaysia) between PETRONAS Chemical Group Berhad (PCG), Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and Sipitang Oil & Gas Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (SOGDC). The agreement concerns the manufacturing of urea and other ammonia-based products.

The agreement stipulates that the parties are to prepare a preliminary feasibility study of the construction of a manufacturing facility in South-East Asia. The study is to determine whether it is possible to conduct a joint enterprise, and to verify the details concerning the technical aspects of the project, the economic matters, logistics, supply and infrastructure. A common agreement is to constitute an opening of a long-term cooperation between the Companies, with such goals as developing Asian industry and reinforcing the presence of Grupa Azoty in this region of the world.

Cooperation breeds mutual benefits

As the CEO of PCG Sazali Hamzah stressed, “PETRONAS Chemical Group Berhad is seeking partners who are equally interested in providing innovative solutions for the customers”.

For Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, which is well aware of its expertise in the production and processing of urea, the cooperation offers new opportunities. Marian Rybak, the Chairman of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” remarked that: “the business strategy of the company involves providing high-quality products based on urea, such as melamine and urea solutions used for exhaust fumes reduction in car engines and power plants”.

Increasing our presence in Asia

PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG) is a leading chemical company in Malaysia and one of the biggest such enterprises in South-East Asia. The corporation includes world-class manufacturing facilities which produce over 10 million tonnes of chemical products per year, including olefins, fertilizers, polymers, methanol, and other basic chemical resources and their derivatives. PCG boasts vast experience of over 30 years in the business and the company stock is traded at Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Sipitang Oil and Gas Development Corporation (SOGDC) manages Sipitang Oil & Gas Industrial Park (SOGIP), which is placed on almost 1600 hectares and situated in Mengalong. SOGIP is placed on the territories of Sabah, Brunei and Labuan, and is a hub for new investments connected with natural gas and crude oil excavation in the region.