Conference “Science, Business, Agriculture”

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The Conference, which aims are, to continue the last year-initiated idea of creating the mechanisms of knowledge transfer, between industry and science environments, is just around the corner.


In our opinion, Research Institutes engaged in agriculture are also perfectly dealing with gaining knowledge and working on modern technology.

However, nowadays it’s not enough. Modern science should make a step forward and also serve the Economy. We should think about mechanisms of absorbing this knowledge and introducing innovation to the Polish industry. The Conference can help to create a modern model of agricultural entrepreneur, raise professional qualifications in the field of agriculture management and popularize fertilizer research.


The aim of the Conference is to promote the model, which has been adapted in many countries with modern agricultural economy, and which also has been implemented to our Competence Centre.

The C.C. stimulates and uses the Pulawy’s research institutes and universities’ knowledge, as well as verifies financial and production possibilities. It also takes the advantage of variety channels of fertilizers distribution, which can serve as transfer channels of technical knowledge and chemicals useful for agriculture.

We believe that Lublin Voivodship as well as Pulawy are perfect places to organize that kind of events. This is where our Plant – event’s organizer – is domiciled, and other 150-years tradition agriculture institutions are having their headquarters. The city, by building The Technology and Industry Park, has created an ideal place, where business can meet the science.

You are welcome to visit us on 22 November in Pulawy!