Competences Center awaits new students

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The second edition of Fertilizer and pesticide trade in sustainable farming systems postgraduate course for agricultural advisers will be launched in February 2014. The continuation of the project is a great achievement of “Puławy” Competences Center, which was established as recently as in 2011, but has already won recognition in Poland and Europe.

A pioneer course

The first such course in Poland, the program is a result of cooperation of “Puławy” Competences Center, Warsaw School of Life Sciences and Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. The second edition is being prepared in response to the needs of participants of the agricultural market. They are seeking specialist knowledge concerning plant protection, effective fertilization and judicious planning of farm production. Each of these fields continues to develop and up-to-date information is in demand.

Knowledge keeps circulating

The candidates will learn how to use IT tools for efficient application of chemical formulas and calculate the profitability of their use. Apart from attending lectures run by experienced scientists, the students will participate in workshops presenting the latest agrotechnical solutions facilitating work on farms. The skills gained during the course are indispensable for the cooperation with farmers, making it possible to present key information about effective application of mineral fertilizers, which helps generate more profits.

Cooperation is the start

“Puławy” Competences Center was established in order to connect the fertilizer-chemical business, R&D institutes, farmers, and to make the best use of this cooperation. We managed to create the first such institution in Poland, an organization which approaches the challenges of contemporary farming in a comprehensive way. The postgraduate course for agricultural consultants is an integral part of Center’s activity, enabling the transfer of knowledge to the final beneficiaries, the farmers.