Collect bottles, plant trees

| Enviromental Protection |

“A Tree for a Bottle”® is a campaign initiated by chemical companies participating in “Responsibility and Trust” Program. The objective is to encourage local communities to take part in pro-environmental activities by collecting plastic bottles. “PUŁAWY” has been participating in the initiative.

Less litter, more greenery

The participants are local communities and activities are coordinated by companies situated in each area. The collected pieces of PET packaging are recycled. In return, the inhabitants are given small trees, which are planted, making the local area prettier and serving as a symbol of involvement in pro-environmental activity. Up to now, during nine editions of “A Tree for a Bottle”® campaign, Polish teens have collected nearly 13 million bottles. In this period as many as 18.500 trees were planted! The main target group of the project are pupils, who are easily encouraged to cooperate in activities leading to a better tomorrow.

Record-breaking cleaners
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In 2012, in order to move beyond the local area, “PUŁAWY” as a regional coordinator of the event proposed to modify the formula of the campaign. Schools from the whole Puławy County were invited to participate. The record in individual collection went to Arkadiusz Grądziel, who picked over 46.000 bottles. The Primary School in Gołąb, where Grądziel is a pupil, also left the competition behind. It took the first position with almost 248.000 bottles collected.

In the spring, namely in March and April “A Tree for a Bottle”® 2013 collection shall begin. Last year Pulawy Company gave the participants as many as 400 new trees! How many are there going to be this year?