Climate change is a threat to global food security

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At present there are 7 billion people in the world, while by 2050 the number is expected to reach 10 billion. Experts fear that the availability of drinking water will have become a serious problem, while excessive consumption and climate change are likely to have a negative impact on global agricultural production. Authorities of particular countries need to show more concern over food safety.

Growing demand for food

By 2050, 60% more food than now is going to be required to feed the global population. We need to stop and consider that at present agriculture uses more sweet water in its production processes than any other branch of the economy. It is thus vital to optimize food production so as to ensure proper management of water resources, and secure sufficient quantity of water for the next decades of the 21st century.

Care on a global scale

At present, taking care of the provision of food which is safe and rich in calories has become one of the key issues for the world. Over 40% of human population suffers from inadequate water supply. A major reason is using excessive amount of water, which is wasted in inappropriate farming practices. Another problem is water contamination in the regions where food production is one of the main branches of local economies.

Future for farming

Agriculture needs to head for sustainable development, departing for the model of high efficiency, which led to the degradation of the natural environment.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) called on the national governments to support investment in private and public sphere. The goal is to create mechanisms which allow for controlling food production process, so that it follows sustainable development principles, increasing food security in the world.