Clever fertilization

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Application of fertilizers is not enough in order to produce plentiful yield of good quality. It is the method of fertilizer application that determines whether the substances contained in the product are utilized in the best way.

Detailed knowledge of the requirements

If the substances in the fertilizers are to be used efficiently, it is necessary to know the quality and the pH of the soil. Every 4-5 years a chemical analysis of the soil ought to me conducted, allowing the farmer to adjust the quantity and quality of the fertilizer which needs to be applied. The results of the analysis may vary, for example depending on whether manure, slurry, or lime treatment is used on the plantation.

Timing matters

Nitrogen-based fertilizers should be applied shortly before the sowing or in the early stages of plant development in order to assure the best use of their properties. As a result, it is possible for plants to absorb nitrogen quickly (this element is very volatile once applied to the soil). Another good idea is dividing the total dose into 2 or 3 portions, and apply the fertilizer when it is absorbed by the crops in the most efficient way. In most cases, plants source nitrogen from the soil using roots, and therefore application to the soil is an essential element of proper management of plantations.

Let’s protect the environment

It is common knowledge that excessive quantities of nitrogen-based fertilizers are frequently washed out by rainwater or thawing snow into the groundwater. Consequently, the substance reaches the water reservoirs nearby, causing their eutrophication. This is the reason why it is vital to maintain proper distance between the fertilizer application point and the neighboring lakes and ponds. It is forbidden to apply any nitrogen-based substances within the distance of 5 meters from rivers, streams, canals, ditches, as well as lakes and ponds measuring up to 50 hectares. In the case of larger water reservoirs and water intake points, the safe distance is 20 meters.