Clean Lubelskie voivodeship

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The inhabitants of Lubelskie voivodeship may take pride in the position of a leader. The region has got the cleanest air out of all voivodeships in Poland! Compared to other regions, Lubelskie is well ahead of the rest. Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY also makes various kinds of efforts to ensure that this position is maintained.

A haven of pure air

According to a comprehensive report by ClientEarth, the overall standard of air purity in Poland is poor. Our atmosphere contains harmful substances, including carcinogenic ones, which are dangerous for the health and life of the people. By comparison, Lubelskie voivodeship is a haven of pure air.
Some problems with pollution are observed in Kazimierz Dolny as well as two spas: in Nałęczów and Krasnobród. The main reason for this situation is the lack of bypass roads, which means that all traffic crosses the town centers. Another cause is the lack of municipal heating distribution network in Kazimierz Dolny. Due to this, people burn various kinds of substances in their household fireplaces and stoves, including waste and substances which are toxic and banned as a fuel.

PUŁAWY with a comprehensive program

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY undertakes activity which brings measurable results for the regional ecosystems. A comprehensive environmental protection program was adopted by Our Works in 1985. Much has changed since then. The output of the Works has doubled over those 30 years. This does not prevent the environmental protection scheme from being effective. We use the required filters and modernize the manufacturing installations, which has helped to reduce dust emissions by 99% in the case of fuel combustion, by 85% in the case of ammonium nitrate production process, and by 77% in the case of urea manufacturing. Barren patches of forest in the vicinity of the Works have disappeared. Greenery and flowers sprout next to the installations. The Company operates three waste treatment plants: biological, faecal and mechanical. This has enabled us to reduce the consumption of groundwater.

Pro-environmental activities

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY has been involved in the pro-environmental activities for years. We have participated in Responsible Care international program for 20 years. “A Tree for a Bottle”, the event coordinated by PUŁAWY, is also gaining popularity.