Chemistry on the rise

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The situation of the global economy is worrying and the prices on global chemicals market are low. However, market analysts are forecasting a reversal of trends and improvement of the situation in the business. “PUŁAWY” are also expected to benefit.

China protects its manufacturers

Decreased activity in the sector of caprolactam and melamine production and sales results from anti-dumping duties imposed by the Chinese government. The duties have been introduced to protect and give a boost to domestic manufacturers, who are able to step up production volume. However, this poses a challenge for “PUŁAWY” Company on whose goods a 4,4% duty is applicable.

AdBlue® still in the game

Our hope for the near future is high quality urea with a registered trademark, used in catalytic converters of vehicles to reduce the quantity of nitric oxide in exhaust fumes. Both in Poland and other European countries there are more and more stations where users may tank AdBlue®. The expansion follows the growth of consumption of the substance, a growth by 20% year-to-year. Further growth is forecast in the foreseeable future.

Expected demand for caprolactam

American automotive market is slowly returning to the condition from before the recession, while in Japan the economic activity has slowed down owing to the tsunami wave and high exchange rate of the yen. And still, caprolactam, which is used for the production of plastic elements fitted in cars will continue to be in demand. The eyes of the world are directed at China and India, who are expected to produce growth in the business. Seeing that the government in Beijing is planning to launch domestic production of caprolactam, India is now an important destination for “PUŁAWY”.