Changes in Polish agriculture

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In the last decade, we have witnessed a sea change in the Polish economy. Transformations also concern agriculture, which is quite different from that in the early 2000′.

Fewer, but more efficient

Change in the quantity and size of Polish farms was the most prominent process in this period. The number fell by 23%, with as much as 32% fewer farms categorized as small. At the same time, the number of largest farms, those measuring over 50 hectares, increased by 36%, while the quantity of medium-sized farms grew by 44%. In 2002 only 4% of farms measured over 20 hectares, but in 2011 the figure reached 5.5%. Consolidation of arable land is vital, as it leads to more efficient agricultural activity, and results in greater self-sufficiency.

We manufacture more and more

Composition of usage of land has also been reshuffled. The largest increase happened in arboriculture, with 34% more land used as orchards. Acreage of forests grew by 6% and of pasture – by 4%. At the same time, proportion of land used for sowing fell by 2%. Owing to those changes, quantity of market agricultural output went up by 100%, while the market agricultural output per 1 hectare of arable land soared by over 125%.