Changes are necessary in the European agriculture

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Experts from EU countries inform that the productivity level of the farming sector in the Union is approaching risk levels. In their opinion, putting more stress on innovation in farming might prevent the situation from deteriorating even further.

Where work is necessary

In order to encourage EU farming to become more efficient, which is crucial in the context of food supply safety, it is necessary to take a number of measures. They include introducing more effective legal regulations (both in relation to EU agricultural policies, and the coherence between those and international agreements), focusing on innovation and building EU policy which will be based on knowledge. Experts believe that activity in those areas is likely to improve productivity and the competitive edge of EU agriculture.

The importance of innovation

Scientists who look into optimization of agricultural production are confident that thanks to innovation in this area of the economy, we could not only produce 60% more food, but also make its production half as expensive! Additionally, each one additional percent of productivity growth translates into food safety for another 10 million people, and increases profits for each farmer by 500 EUR. For those reasons, it is crucial to bet on a solid legal basis and on practical implementation of scientific discoveries. This requires making them more accessible, which might prove the real challenge for EU farmers, including Poles.