Chances for increasing the export of Polish food to China

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A huge disparity marks the trade relations between Poland and China. In 2013 Poland exported goods worth 2.1 billion USD to China, while the imports were worth as much as 19 billion USD. Do the Polish producers stand a chance of reducing this gap?

One to ten

Currently the export : import relation is 1 : 10. Such a considerable difference may not be reduced to a large extent over a short period of time. We may and should attempt it, however, and this is what the Polish manufacturers of food are striving to do. Exports to China grew by 3% in the first quarter of 2014.

Optimistic forecast

Experts are confident that the situation is going to change gradually, and exports to China should grow, mainly thanks to the exporters of Polish food, namely milk, milk products, and meat. Pork trade is hampered, however, due to the Chinese embargo imposed after the African swine fever virus (ASFV) was detected in the bodies of two dead wild boars in Poland.

Go China!

The Polish grocery sector is attaching more and more importance to promoting its products in China. Domestic manufacturers participate in innumerable trade fairs in China each year. Also, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency is encouraging to develop business contacts with the Chinese. To this end, “Go China” program was launched in 2012, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. The project aims at encouraging entrepreneurs to develop business relations with Asian partners.

Sadly, activities of this kind have little impact on boosting the number of Polish investments in China. Domestic businesspeople have fears about investing large sums of money in that country. The trend has begun to be reversed, though, since the current situation in Europe has become difficult for the exporters. They are therefore on the lookout for new markets where they could sell their products. Is this going to trigger increased interest in the Chinese market? We are going to find out shortly.