Challenges for the financial market

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The Polish Association of Listed Companies has recently organized the 7th Congress of SEG Listed Companies’s Boards in Warsaw. Marek Kapłucha, the Vice-President and Member of the Board of “PULAWY” has participated in the experts’ meeting.

Mr Kapłucha took part in a discussion panel on the future of the financial market in Poland. He stressed the need for changes in the traditional model of hierarchy-based enterprise. He stated: This is why we ought to single out employees with innovative vision and talent. Such leaders must be permitted to contribute to the creation of the enterprise and its new structure.

The CEO of PGNiG, Mrs Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, seconded this opinion. She stated that: The one person-leadership model in a company is a thing of the past.

Challenges for the financial market/fot. freepik.comImpact of the new technologies

The participants of the Congress discussed the influence of new technologies on the market and the consumer. Vice-president of Exatel Małgorzata Dziewguć explained how to build business strategy of the company in order to answer the changing consumer needs. In her opinion: The technology in itself does not give you a competitive advantage. The market belongs to companies which perfect the methods of analyzing the way clients search for information and change their activities making use of the new technologies.

Financial Markets Run

The Congress was held on 26 and 27th October and was attended by over 250 representatives of the boards of Polish Listed Companies, most of whom later took part in the charitable Financial Markets Run. The proceeds shall enable Polish high school pupils to participate in “Company Management” program organized by the Polish Young Enterprise Foundation.

Challenges for the financial market/fot. freepik.comEach kilometer covered by the participants will make it possible for 50 pupils to participate in the program organized by the Foundation. The Run was led by Robert Korzeniowski, multiple Olympic champion in walking. It is worth mentioning that the total distance covered by the participants was 94 kilometers!