CERGA – the new quality of safety in Grupa Azoty

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The activity of CERGA was inaugurated on March 12th with a training session for the chemical rescue specialists. The event was attended by representatives of the works from Tarnów, Kędzierzyn, Police, Puławy and Grzybów, who were subject to specialist medical tests. The training session comprised a theoretical part and a practical part. The latter one included training and a mock emergency situation in a gas chamber, which put the skills of the rescue teams to a test.

What is CERGA?

CERGA, the Rescue Education Center of Grupa Azoty, is a modern unit whose main task is specialist training of fire rescue and chemical rescue teams across the Capital Group. It is the first organization of this kind in Poland, and it is based on the assets and experience of Factory Fire Service from Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY.

The chief objective of CERGA is raising the qualifications and skills of the workers who train the members of staff responsible for security, rescue operations and fire protection in high risk facilities.

Security support is a priority of the whole Group

The establishment of CERGA is another step meant to confirm the position of Grupa Azoty. It also constitutes an element of implementing AzotyPRO Operational Excellence Program. Its goal is supporting the efforts of particular companies in the creation of a common standard of quality concerning fire safety and rescue operations. Our task is facilitating communication between teams functioning in the Works, and improving the process of sharing experience which particular teams have gained.

Artur Kopeć, a Member of the Board of Grupa Azoty, said that “setting up the Center shows that it is our priority to take care of the quality of those activities in the Group which are connected with chemical rescue operations and fire safety”. We are hopeful that our joint efforts will help raise the security of the staff as well as the local communities and the natural environment surrounding Our Works.

The Rescue Education Center is going to operate in the following facilities: Grupa Azoty S.A., Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, Grupa Azoty POLICE, Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A., Grupa Azoty SIARKOPOL and other entities wishing to take advantage of the training opportunities.