Appropriate application of nitrogen

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Specifying fertilizer quantity as well as time and place of its application are important factors in agricultural production. Inadequate application may deteriorate the quality of the crops and – in the end – impact the customers’ budgets.

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New direction of development in the fertilizer-chemical business

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The dynamic growth of agriculture and the increasing role of the sector in the national economy are regarded as a success. At the same time, the changes on the market have stepped up the requirements posed to all participants of the food chain. The fertilizer companies also need to meet the expectations of the market and the users. How can we do it?

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Fertilizers gain importance

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The world population is growing, and new, more efficient methods of cultivation are increasingly sought after. Consequently, scientists and experts from all over the world are constantly interested in researching effective fertilization techniques.

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More expensive fertilizers within a decade

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The lack of common EU policy on energy results in Russia treating particular countries in various manner during trade negotiations concerning the pricing of natural gas. Consequently, the cost of manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilizers is rising at a different pace in various countries.

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A look at AdBlue market

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AdBlue® market is constantly growing due to the rising number of vehicles which fulfill Euro 5 exhaust emission norms. Such vehicles are replacing models which followed previous norms, Euro 3 and Euro 4. Sales data confirm that there is a growing trend in consumption, not only because truck fleet is expanding, but also because other segments (agricultural and construction equipment, ships, passenger cars) are entering the market.

Technological changes influencing the market

Truck manufacturers have remained faithful to SCR technology, which is appropriate also in the context of the even more strict Euro 6 norm, due to come into force in 2014. Following this trend, such producers as Setra, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault, Volvo and John Deere continue to launch new models of vehicles that are quipped with engines which conform to Euro 6 norm.

The area of AdBlue® distribution and availability in Europe is also constantly increasing. In July 2013 it was possible to purchase the product at 5.1 thousand stations, including 120 in Poland!

Legislative incentives to take care of the environment

Numerous countries motivate fleet owners to make use of this form of emissions reduction. In October 2013 a new system called Ecotaxe was launched in France. It concerns all vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating over 3.5 tonnes. Buses and coaches will be exempt from the new tax. The value of the toll will depend on the number of car axles, GVWR and exhaust emission rating. Vehicles compliant with Euro 6 norm will pay 15% less, while those which pollute the most will pay 20% more than the standard rate. The tax will cost 0.08 – 0.14 EUR/km.

Articles prepares by Strategy and Development Team of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”, headed by Andrzej Górecki.

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“PUŁAWY” bets on fertilizers

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Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is currently focusing on intensive development of Agro (agricultural) Segment. Over the past 5 years, the Company has spent 1.2 billion PLN to this end.

Infrastructure first

New facilities were opened on July 8th. The first one is an exhaust desulfurization installation, the first such in Europe and third one in the world. By reducing CO2 emissions, “PUŁAWY” will help to protect the environment and will be able to recycle the sulfur obtained in the process. The element will be used in New Fertilizer Complex, the first stage of the construction of new solid fertilizers complex based on sulfur and other elements. The Complex is scheduled for completion at the end of 2014. Another project in progress is the construction of ammonia stockage with 15,000 tonnes capacity.

Next come new products

Owing to investments in sustainable development, “PUŁAWY” is capable of effective competition on fertilizer market. One tool is boosting efficiency of production, another is diversification of its product portfolio, in response to demand indicated by farmers. PULASKA is a good example, being a fertilizer manufactured based on ammonium sulfate (from exhaust desulfurization installation) and urea. The Company is also developing ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers. Pursuing such areas of activity, “PUŁAWY” both strengthens its Agro Segment and points at new directions of development of the fertilizer industry.

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New fertilizers from PUŁAWY

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“PUŁAWY” summed up the implementation of a 5-year international project aiming at creating innovative formulas of nitrogen-based fertilizers with added sulfur. Following the research and tests which have been made, we managed to introduce new products on the market, at the same time offering to clients innovative techniques of fertilizers application.

New products containing sulfur

The finalized 5-year project made it possible to widen the portfolio of “PUŁAWY” to include fertilizers including sulfur based on ammonium nitrate-urea solution RSM and ammonium sulfate – liquid fertilizers, as well as based on urea and ammonium sulfate – solid fertilizers. Using the collected results, we prepared an opinion about the new generation of fertilizers before they are marketed. The opinion will shape the fertilizing recommendations and marketing activities for new products of “PUŁAWY” – PULGRAN S, PULASKA and RSMS, all manufactured in the New Fertilizer Complex.

European sulfur deficiency

In most European countries strict limitations of sulfur emissions led to deficits of the element in cultivated soils. Sulfur shortage, especially in sulfur-dependent plants (canola, grass), and favorable reaction to fertilizing with this element, was spotted in Ireland, Scotland, and next in England, the north of Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Central and Eastern European countries are behind with respect to knowledge about demand for fertilization with sulfur. Consequently, analyzing market demand, we initiated appropriate research.

Research results

Experiments made in our Works proved that fertilizers with an addition of sulfur are much more beneficial for the growth and development of plants under observation. We also noticed an improvement of qualitative and quantitative parameters of crops. Research results confirmed our hypothesis that nitrogen fertilizers enriched with sulfur increase efficiency as compared to simple nitrogen fertilizers. In Polish conditions, liquid fertilizers brought higher output and economic efficiency. RSM is recommended in cultivation of wheat, while RSMS in the case of canola. In experiments conducted in Germany and Czech Republic, solid urea with added sulfur proved the most efficient.

Connecting science and agriculture

At the beginning of the project we observed very promising test results. On this basis, we initiated a series of investment activities aiming at creating new fertilizer formulas containing sulfur. The strategy implemented for a long time by “PUŁAWY” involves cooperation with scientists and end users – farmers. Bearing this in mind, we undertook this 5-year project, which has just been finalized, so as to provide Polish farming industry with innovative technologies for agricultural cultivation.

Shaping business relations

Mega Projekt initiative involved close cooperation with scientific institutions from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany: the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation Puławy/Wrocław, Fertilizer Research Institute in Puławy, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, German Institute in Mecklenburg, Prague Institute in the Czech Republic as well as commercial partners: UNIBALTIC AGRO, AGRO BALTIC, AGRO CS and AGROCENTRUM Ltd.

We are currently finalizing the first stage of the construction of the New Fertilizer Complex. This enterprise will lead to marketing new nitrogen fertilizers enriched with sulfur.

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Dry ice from PUŁAWY

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Coolant™ is a new product in “PUŁAWY” commercial portfolio. As an effective cooling agent, it can be applied in various industries and used for other purposes.

The secret of the product’s quality is the fact that – unlike normal ice -Coolant™ does not melt. From solid, it turns into gas rather than liquid, and that only when the temperature reaches 78.5 degrees Celsius. Such properties stem from the fact that Coolant™ is made up of carbon dioxide, which makes it 3.3 times more effective than regular ice made of frozen water.

Dry ice produced by “PUŁAWY” might be used for transportation and storage of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or medical supplies which require low temperatures. Also, it might be useful in thermal processing of metals and rubber, cleaning of delicate, not easily accessible surfaces and as an auxiliary agent in chemical reactions. Coolant™ might also serve for producing special effects for the film industry, etc.

Coolant™ was invented by Gases Department of “PUŁAWY” Company and is sold by Technical Gases Sales Section. Our manufacturing capacity of this substance is 300 kilograms per hour.

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