“PUŁAWY” teaches kids about protecting the environment

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The 10th edition of “A Tree for a Bottle” competition is about to come to an end. The event has been organized annually since 2003 and forms a part of Responsible Care Program. The key target of the project is increasing environmental awareness among children, who receive tree seedlings in return for plastic bottles they have collected.

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Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” acting for public health!

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Our Works are involved in a number of projects which benefit the local community. A recent initiative of this kind is the contribution to the creation of Children’s Burns Treatment Ward, an addition to SPZOZ (Health Maintenance Organization) in Łęczna. The final stage of the construction was completed on March 13th, 2014.

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“PUŁAWY” for the sick and for teens

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Corporate Social Responsibility activities are among the pillars of the functioning of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” in its local environment. We have finalized two major CSR projects in recent weeks.

Heart pacemakers have arrived

In late November, a modernized part of Cardiology Ward, including an Electrophysiology Lab, was opened in Puławy Regional Hospital. Following the renovation, there are now more beds in the hospital. The most important development, however, is the possibility to implant heart pacemakers on the spot, while previously patients requiring such surgery needed to travel to Lublin for the treatment. The purchase of requisite equipment was co-financed by Puławy county authorities and “PUŁAWY” company. The cost of the renovation was covered from EU funds.

More visible on the way to school

At the beginning of December, “PUŁAWY” representatives and Puławy Region Police Station signed a cooperation agreement concerning the safety of children on the roads. The program is a follow-up of a similar project targeted at preschool and primary school pupils last year. In the coming year “PUŁAWY” will pay for the protective items for individuals (reflective vests, bands and lights) and for educational materials. The Police Station will invite teens to training sessions about the safe use of roads.

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Budding artists proved talented

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In early December, the winners of the 5th Art Competition “Chemistry in agriculture” were selected. Only pupils from grades 1-3 of primary schools in the countryside were eligible to participate in the contest. The laureates received material prizes, but they will also feel appreciated in that their works will be used in the preparation of calendars and postcards our Company sends to its business partners.

Fostering creativity

Using the help of our distribution partners all over the country, we invited kids from as many as 150 village schools in Poland to participate in the competition. The pupils prepared art works on such topics as agriculture, as well as the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The submitted works were very varied when it comes to style, technique and creativity of the young artists, said Magdalena Niski, the Marketing Director in “PUŁAWY” company, and the person behind the idea of the competition.

Budding artists proved talentedThe best were awarded

The jury chose the following schools as the best: Primary School in Koźle, Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Żyrzyn and Wincenty Witos Primary School in Łowce. The prizes in Schools Category were 5000 PLN, 3000 PLN and 2000 PLN respectively. The funds will be used for the purchase of educational materials. Also, 28 individual works were picked as the best, and further 39 obtained honorary mentions. The laureates of the Individual Category received material prizes.

What is the role of chemistry in agriculture?

The competition is an excellent incentive for kids to pursue their talent in art. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about pesticides and fertilizers and their use in farming. As a result, participants become more familiar with the activity of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”.

Fertilizers are an important topic for the parents and neighbors of pupils taking part in the competition. This project aimed at encouraging the youth to take interest in the science and industry of fertilizers manufacturing and application. A primary school pupil who joins the contest is encouraged to ask parents about the role of chemical products in the work on the farm. As a result, we shape awareness of the importance of fertilizers in contemporary food production, and, at the same time, their influence on our daily lives.

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Christmas celebrations in Puławy

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A Christmas wafer meeting for the staff was organized in our Works on Monday. Guests included Włodzimierz Karpiński, the Minister of Treasury, and Paweł Jarczewski, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty. Marian Rybak, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”, hosted the meeting.

An opportunity to sum up the year

“PUŁAWY” Chairman Marian Rybak was the first to speak. The summarized the year in the Works, paying particular attention to the completed investment projects. He addressed all members of the staff, thanking them for their work and he wished all the participants of the meeting a peaceful Christmas.

Christmas celebrations in Puławy“PUŁAWY” setting an example

The Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński was a special guest at the meeting. In his short speech, he stressed the role of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” in the functioning of the chemical business in Poland. He wished all the people in the audience that the coming year be equally successful in Puławy, and in other Works which form the consolidated Grupa Azoty.

Consolidation is continuing

Paweł Jarczewski, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty, was another honorary participant on this occasion. He thanked the Company staff for their hard work in 2013. Their effort results in further progress of the consolidation of the chemical industry in Poland, and at the same time strengthens its role in Europe and the whole world.

A Very Happy Christmas!

Dr. Cezary Możeński, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “PUŁAWY”, also wished the staff Merry Christmas. Father Piotr Trela, the parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary church in Puławy, encouraged the participants to experience Christmastime joyfully. During the meeting, teens from the parish choir sang Christmas songs.

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Merry Christmas from “PUŁAWY”

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Christmas has arrived at our doorsteps. The holiday season is a time of joy, peace and seeking inspiration for New Year resolutions. On behalf of “PUŁAWY” staff, we would like to wish all Readers of our Blog a peaceful Christmas spent among the nearest and dearest, plenty of rest and many successes in 2014.

The passing year 2013 has been a breakthrough period for our Company. The successful merger with Nitrates Works in Tarnów is beginning to bring measurable benefits for each member of Grupa Azoty, as well as the whole chemical industry. We are therefore expecting an even faster growth of the development of Works in Puławy, both on the regional and the global scale.

We are also hopeful that the positive developments concerning the activity of the Company will continue in 2014, benefiting the staff, investors, agricultural manufacturers and the inhabitants of Puławy region.

Marian Rybak, Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”.

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Building an unusual factory

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Is there any connection between the Great Chemical Synthesis sector and games played by children? On the face of it – none. However, if we build a melamine installation from Lego bricks, we will obtain a completely different picture.

Our debut

This is the first such enterprise by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. The project aims at explaining the intricacies of factory functioning to both kids and adults. The atmosphere of cooperation between children and grown-ups makes it possible to learn about the features and the production process of each product, as well as the structure of the manufacturing installation. This pastime is also a wonderful opportunity to ask questions concerning “PUŁAWY” activity and seek answers to such questions.

Building an unusual factoryMelamine from Lego bricks

The model of the installation was prepared by Ideo Lego, a company which specializes in recreating various buildings using popular Danish bricks. “PUŁAWY” project is assembled from a set of individual bricks purchased directly from the manufacturer. If you want to take a look at pictures of this structure, click HERE.

“Play well”

Lego is a Danish company established in 1932. Their bricks were first produced in 1949, while nine years later the characteristic method of attaching one brick to another was patented. The brand name was coined from the expression “Leg godt”, which means “Play well” in Danish.

Building an unusual factory

Over half a billion people in the world play Lego bricks today! At the moment there are no plans to put the melamine installation set in mass production and make it available in stores, but we are hoping that in the future models of other “PUŁAWY” installations will reach a wider target group.

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Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is officially a “Well Regarded Company”

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Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” won one of the titles in “Well Regarded Company” competition for the second time in history. The title is awarded by Business Centre Club Employers Association. The awarding ceremony took place in Lubomirscy Palace in Warsaw on November 19th, and the diploma was handed to the Vice Chairman of the Board, Zenon Pokojski.

Taking care of the employees and the local community

The competition aims at presenting the companies which are perceived as the most faithful to the idea of corporate social responsibility in their region. The competition is a part of a bigger project “CSR as a tool for building positive image of the enterprise”, which is currently conducted on the whole Polish territory. The title given to “PUŁAWY” highlights the fact that our company is especially active in CSR activities in the region. Overall, 16 enterprises were awarded in the competition, one per each of 16 regions of Poland. All winners enjoy positive opinion in their environments, thanks to following the principles of responsible business.

Inspiring others

Grupa Azoty CEO Paweł Jarczewski congratulated the Chairman of our Company Marian Rybak on “PUŁAWY” obtaining the honorary distinction. Mr Jarczewski remarked that such achievements of “PUŁAWY” ought to be seen as a prize for the whole Azoty Capital Group.

Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” published an Integrated Annual Statement this year. The document presents the Company activity in detail, so that the readers may draw conclusions about the high standard of company conduct. Readers of the report will gain full information about financial data as well as environmentally-friendly activities and social activity of the Works. The report was drawn up in accordance with international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

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3rd Science – Business – Agriculture Conference

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On November 21st, we welcomed scientists, agricultural manufacturers and business representatives at the Third “Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference. This year the venue for the meeting of delegates from the agriculture and food production sectors was Puławy Science-Technology Park.

Competences Center paving the way for dialogue

The conference was organized by “PUŁAWY” Competences Center. The organization constitutes a platform of cooperation and information exchange between agricultural producers, counselors, representatives of scientific institutions and the world of business. At the moment “PUŁAWY” Competences Center consortium includes: Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY”, Fertilizer Research Institute in Puławy, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute in Puławy, Warsaw School of Life Sciences and other members.

This year’s edition of “Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference was honored by two patrons: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Fertilizers Europe – the European Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, which represents the major fertilizer manufacturers in Europe.

Agriculture is the foundation of modern economy

Using “PUŁAWY” Competences Center as a forum, we wish to build relations between representatives of the worlds of science, business and agriculture. It is our goal to create conditions in which Polish farmers will be able to make use of the latest research on fertilizing, and plan their activities in the most efficient manner possible. Recent years have brought a remarkable growth of the number of farms using modern and innovative manufacturing technologies.

Towards the rise of food exports

As the coordinator of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center consortium, and at the same time the Vice Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY”, I would like to use the opportunity of our meeting at the Conference, and remind all of us that agriculture is the fourth largest sector of the Polish economy. Consequently, it requires particular care of agricultural manufacturers, politicians, scientists and businesspeople. We mustn’t turn a blind eye to the fact that rural areas take up 93% of the Polish territory! It is vital to draw attention to the importance of agriculture for the national economy. At present the exports of agricultural resources and products account for 12% of the total value of Polish exports. Thanks to appropriate implementation of scientific and technological solutions in particular farms, as well as the development of fertilizer manufacturing business, Poland stands a chance of becoming one of the key food suppliers in the European Union.

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First edition of postgraduate courses for agricultural consultants has been completed

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On September 28th, 2013 an official graduation ceremony was held at Agriculture and Biology Department of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The meeting marked the end of the 1st edition of Postgraduate Course for Agricultural Consultants: Fertilizer and pesticide trade in sustainable farming systems. The course was co-organized by Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” within the activity of PUŁAWY Competences Center.

The highest quality of education

The project aims at preparing specialists in the most modern technology of integrated plant cultivation and in fertilizer and pesticide trade. Consequently, the channel of distribution of chemical products for agricultural purposes was merged with a counseling system regarding their efficient and safe application.

The syllabus included a total of 220 hours of lectures and workshops. Employees of distribution companies gained up-to-date knowledge concerning the properties of fertilizers and pesticides, their influence on the natural environment and practical skills useful in the professional work of a counselor.

Knowledge is the foundation of success

The course also included a program of training about integrated production of plants, as well as training about pesticide counseling. The participants mastered modern methods of advising on the best choice of fertilizers and pesticides. The students acquired IT skills useful in fertilizers and pesticides selection, implementing a fertilization plan, and calculating the profitability of using fertilizers by various brands. Another element of the course involved developing social competences and communication skills useful in contacts with agricultural producers.

32 graduates completed the course. Each participant received a graduation diploma issued by Warsaw University of Life Sciences and two certificates which entitle to trade, package and apply pesticides meant for professional use.

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