Carol singers in Puławy

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It is the 20th time that carol singers from all over Poland arrived in “Dom Chemika” Center of Culture in Puławy for the Carols Festival. The number of participants is growing year by year. Over 1,500 people appeared on the scene during this year’s Festival.

The 21st edition of Carols Festival

Carol-singing concerts are a traditional event at Puławy Center of Culture. The first editions were addressed at local inhabitants only. However, the Festival began to gain increasing importance, and became a nationwide event eventually. Over 340 carol-singing bands signed up for this year’s competition, including solo artists, choirs, bands with vocal and instrumental section, songsters and a hip hop artist!

A difficult task for the jury

The auditions of the carol-singers took five days. The jury used this time to pick the best performers, who were invited to participate in the Grand Gala at Dom Chemika on January 31st. The choice was far from easy. Renata Siedlaczek, the secretary of Carol Festival jury, admitted that there had been enough great performers at the auditions to create line-ups for two Grand Galas. In the end, 25 performers were invited to the scene on the Sunday of the final concert.

Winners came from Radom

The Jury’s decision was that the Grand Prix of the National Carol Festival in Puławy should go to Vocal Band from Oskar Kolberg’s Musical School in Radom. The band is taught by Piotr Markowski.

Our congratulations to the winners and other participants!