Building an unusual factory

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Is there any connection between the Great Chemical Synthesis sector and games played by children? On the face of it – none. However, if we build a melamine installation from Lego bricks, we will obtain a completely different picture.

Our debut

This is the first such enterprise by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. The project aims at explaining the intricacies of factory functioning to both kids and adults. The atmosphere of cooperation between children and grown-ups makes it possible to learn about the features and the production process of each product, as well as the structure of the manufacturing installation. This pastime is also a wonderful opportunity to ask questions concerning “PUŁAWY” activity and seek answers to such questions.

Building an unusual factoryMelamine from Lego bricks

The model of the installation was prepared by Ideo Lego, a company which specializes in recreating various buildings using popular Danish bricks. “PUŁAWY” project is assembled from a set of individual bricks purchased directly from the manufacturer. If you want to take a look at pictures of this structure, click HERE.

“Play well”

Lego is a Danish company established in 1932. Their bricks were first produced in 1949, while nine years later the characteristic method of attaching one brick to another was patented. The brand name was coined from the expression “Leg godt”, which means “Play well” in Danish.

Building an unusual factory

Over half a billion people in the world play Lego bricks today! At the moment there are no plans to put the melamine installation set in mass production and make it available in stores, but we are hoping that in the future models of other “PUŁAWY” installations will reach a wider target group.