Back-to-School sets distributed by Grupa Azoty

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The Leader of Polish Distribution is a campaign in which children from 91 schools in the countryside received Back-to-School packages from Grupa Azoty via companies distributing Grupa Azoty products. In mid-September, as many as 9,100 pupils collected the boxes, which will be useful in the new semester.

Distributor’s pick

Providing support for kids from the countryside was possible thanks to the distributors of Grupa Azoty fertilizers all over Poland. It was their task to name the schools where boxes ought to be distributed in each region. The local authorities responsible for the schools were informed about the Leader of Polish Distribution campaign and the distributors’ involvement. The campaign was organized from July to September 2014. 91 trade partners of Grupa Azoty participated in the event.

100 batches sent out

Every school on the list was provided with a batch of 100 sets, each comprising a backpack, a pencil case, a notebook, a drawing block, a lesson plan and sets of paints and markers. Also, a reflective badge was included in each set, aimed at improving the kids’ safety, especially after dusk and in the afternoons in autumn and winter. Cartoon characters called Pulek, Poli, Salek and Zaksan feature on the items. Those characters were created by Grupa Azoty to remind the children and the adults that Grupa Azoty is first and foremost a company that manufactures fertilizers, which are indispensable in agricultural production.

The power of education

Paweł Jarczewski, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty, stressed the importance of agriculture in Poland and the European Union. As a leader of the fertilizer business, Grupa Azoty is aware of this potential, and of the fact that the education of the youth in the countryside is more important than the observance of EU directives.