Azoty Puławy team prepares for the new season

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Azoty Puławy team, which finished the league matches in a position right after the top three, has commenced preparations for the next season. The team, which is sponsored by Grupa Azoty Zakładów Azotowych “PUŁAWY”, now features a number of new players. Also, Dragan Markovic is the new coach who will lead the team as of the new season.

Training session in Zakopane

The players of Azoty Puławy started training for the new season with a week-long training camp in the mountains, in Zakopane. Next, the team are to spend two weeks training on the court. The first opportunity to play with other teams will come in August at Szczypiorno Cup competition. Two weeks later, Azoty Puławy will participate in a tournament in Macedonia, and next the team will play on its home court with clubs from the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

A new coach, new players

The appointment of Dragan Markovic, who replaced Bogdan Kowalczyk as Azoty Puławy coach, was one of the greatest surprises of the coming season. Changes in the team are also likely to be numerous, with such new members as Sebastian Zapora, and two handball players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosta Savic and Nicola Prce.