Azoty Puławy handball players encourage kids to do sport

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Fewer and fewer Polish kids have been taking part in PE classes in recent years. In order to reduce the scale of this phenomenon, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism launched “Stop absenteeism from physical education classes” campaign. Anna Lewandowska, a karate fighter and fitness expert, took up the role of an ambassador of the event. Azoty Puławy handball players also joined in the project on Children’s Day celebrations in Puławy.

Alarming statistics

According to a report by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, as many as 20% of primary school pupils (aged 7-12) choose to skip physical education lessons. The proportion of kids who refuse to participate climbs with age and reaches 25% in junior schools (13-16) and 30% in high schools (17-19).

Girls are more likely to opt out from PE classes than boys. Lack of physical activity contributes to rising likelihood of obesity in children and health problems connected with incorrect posture.

Promoting sport

The nationwide campaign initiated by the Ministry has been promoted by Anna Lewandowska, the wife of a famous Polish footballer and the author of a popular fitness and lifestyle blog. “Stop absenteeism from physical education classes” campaign is aimed at encouraging children to do sport. The initiative is going to bring results as long as schools participate and encourage kids to stay active by offering a variety of interesting sport activities during PE lessons.

Azoty Puławy training session with kids

On Children’s Day, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and Puławy Science-Technology Park organized “Young Chemist’s Day”, an event whose program included a training session with Azoty Puławy players. The teens met the bronze medalists of the Polish Handball Championships, who played a match with the kids.