Azoty Group in the European lead

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Owing to the approval of the European Commission, the merged “PUŁAWY” and Azoty Tarnów will become the second largest player on the chemicals market in Europe.
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Together we can do more

Consolidation of the assets of both companies in Azoty Group is the new trademark of Polish chemical industry on the international market. Due to the merger, the output capacity of the whole corporation will increase, while its offer will become more attractive. It is worth reminding that Pulawy Company is the only manufacturer of melamine in Poland and the third in the world, while melamine is crucial for the production of laminates, glue and paint. In addition, both Azoty Tarnów and “PUŁAWY” are the only Polish manufacturers of caprolactam, which is used for producing plastics.

Our voice is important

After years of successful activity of Pulawy Company in international associations in the sector, Azoty Group is set to take over as a professional voice on the international forum. Representatives of our company participate in meetings of the International Fertilizers Industry Association and the European Petrochemical Association, to which “PUŁAWY” belongs.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Board of “PUŁAWY”, Paweł Jarczewski, is the Vice President of Fertilizers Europe, the largest association of fertilizers manufacturers on the Old Continent. Thanks to participation in such non-governmental organizations and synergistic effects, Pulawy Company  and Azoty Tarnów will be able to do even more to further the interest of the Polish chemical industry.