Awards for the inventors

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Two inventions prepared by the scientists from Our Works and from Industrial Chemistry Research Institute were appreciated by the juries of international exhibitions and awarded silver medals.

The cooperation of both entities has proven very fruitful. Thanks to the synergy of experience and knowledge of the staff of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and the Institute, it was possible to achieve results which gained international recognition.

A medal in Germany…

The 66th International Trade Fair Ideas Inventions New Products 2014 was organized in Nuremberg from 29th of October to 1st of November 2014. A team of researchers including the employees of Our Works: Jacek Cebulski, Tadeusz Darczuk, Andrzej Kania, Marcin Popiołek and Remigiusz Sylwestrowicz as well as scientists from Industrial Chemistry Research Institute: Michał Zylbersztejn and Andrzej Zimowski, received a silver medal for their invention called Improving the selectivity of the cyclohexane oxidation.

… and the one from Belgium

Brussels Innova 2014, the 63rd International Exhibition of Invention, Research and New Technologies, was organized in November 2014 in the Belgian capital. At the exhibition, silver medal was given to an invention called Purification of ammonium sulphate formed in the process for producing caprolactam. The process was prepared by a team comprising Henryk Bajda, Andrzej Kania, Kazimierz Kumor, Paweł Piłat and Robert Węsek from Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY as well as Michał Zylbersztejn and Andrzej Zimowski from Industrial Chemistry Research Institute.