Are GMOs the best solution?

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Recently, the discussion about the permission to introduce genetically modified organisms to trade and cultivation in Poland has become particularly heated. As it usually happens in such cases, the public opinion became sharply divided, and as a result, emotional aspects of the debate took over the rational argumentation. Let us try to take an objective look at the case.

Short-term benefits

Supporters of GMOs claim that thanks to using such seeds it is possible to gain bigger yield in a short time and despite decreasing workload for the farmers. This advantage is especially important for farmers from developing countries, where dynamic population growth and young average age of the population result in higher demand for food. On the other hand, fast introduction of plants whose genetic material includes an unnatural component may result in uncontrolled crossing of species in the environment. Consequences of such crossing are difficult to foresee.


An alternative

How about trying another approach: asking what can be done so that the crops and higher, but there is no risk of disrupting the balance in the natural world? The answer to this question is being prepared by experts working for the Competences Center founded on “PUŁAWY” initiative. The Center brings together research institutes, universities and NGOs. The main goal of the institution is counseling people from agricultural business. In the opinion of the experts a safe and effective method is using the principles of sustainable farming. A well thought-over strategy of crop management on a scale of a single farm, based on professional knowledge and on practical activities, is the key to success. Agriculture based on adequately planned activity, in connection with good choice of fertilizers, brings excellent results without generating unnecessary controversies.

gmo_2/fot. photopin.comThinking of the future

Our planet is more than the natural environment. Its core are the people. This is why adequate education is of such importance, giving us the tools to manage the environment in a judicious way. Educating farmers in the area of sustainable farming, the task of the Competences Center, is paramount. Producing plentiful yield without GMO use is not the only reason. The core issue is what we are leaving behind for the future generations. Therefore, we ought to plan in the long term perspective, so that one day our children may gather the crops of our present choices.