Appreciation for the consolidation

| Prospects & Investment |

A merger of Pulawy Company and Azoty Tarnów is a game changer regarding the position of Polish chemical companies on the global market. The consolidation, which paves the way for becoming even more competitive in the business, has been awarded “The one who transforms Polish business 2012” prize. The award was handed to Paweł Jarczewski of “PUŁAWY” and Jerzy Marciniak from Azoty Tarnów.

The journalists from “Nowy Przemysł” magazine, website and their editor, Grupa PTWP, named the enterprises which transform the Polish economy, at the same time strengthening the position of Polish industry on the international arena. In this year’s edition, the nominations were suggested by Internet users. Out of all the nominations, the editors shortlisted 20 most interesting proposals. Next, an online voting was held on, and in the end the journalists selected the winners.

Persistence in the pursuit of goals, proved by taking bold decisions, is one of the criteria in naming the winners of the competition. By deciding to merge and operate as one body on the Great Chemical Synthesis market, “PUŁAWY” and Azoty Tarnów not only fulfilled this criterion, but also set an example to follow for other enterprises. Following the merger, both companies now in Azoty Group will become an even stronger player on the domestic and international market.