Agriculture and food safety

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The world population is growing, area of arable land is diminishing and resources of fresh water are depleting. Consequently, a comprehensive approach to food safety is required. It comprises three components: access to food, availability of food and nutritional value of consumed food.

Common Agricultural Policy

EU countries, which follow Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), have the opportunity to make the standards of agricultural policy and distribution of produced food uniform. This guarantees high quality of edibles. To this end, Common Agricultural Policy ought to put even more stress on improving the efficiency of EU farms, alongside with further improvements in environment protection standards.

New possibilities

If emphasis is put on efficiency, EU may secure self-sufficiency with regard to food supply and may make agriculture more competitive. Both issues are important because they mean a reliable source of income for food manufacturers and lower demand for direct subsidies. Yet another benefit is the use of biomass for the production of energy, which will help to limit the import from outside EU.

Education first

With a view to fulfill the requirements of efficient agriculture, we need to make use of scientific and industrial novelties in everyday work. Professional consultants should be responsible for teaching about latest farming methods and practices. In Poland we have not had a sufficient number of people with adequate education, able to assist farmers in implementing latest solutions. Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” is a forerunner of agricultural counseling activity. Using Competences Center, which was established in 2011 and constitutes a platform of exchanging information between fertilizer manufacturers, research institutes and agricultural entrepreneurs, the company is stimulating change in Polish farming. One tool is the newly-launched postgraduate course in agricultural counseling. Only thanks to activities based on knowledge, European agriculture may become competitive on the global markets and also self-sufficient.