Agriculture and chemistry: mutual benefits

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Fertilizers, which are one of the key products manufactured in Our Works, are a crossing point of the agricultural and the chemical sectors. The shape of cooperation between these segments of the Polish economy is constantly evolving. Over the years, we have been able to observe numerous changes in agriculture, each having an influence on fertilizers market, either directly or indirectly.

Towards boosting efficiency

Owing to environmental conditions, such as poorer quality of soil and limited water supply, agricultural manufacturers are required to use fertilizers in order to increase the volume of yields. It is necessary to apply a suitable combination of fertilizers and pesticides so as to improve crops efficiency.

Evolution of fertilizers market

Awareness of the need and knowledge about correct application of fertilizers is growing, which breeds higher demand. In response to the needs of agricultural manufactures, the system of fertilizers distribution is developing rapidly. Importantly, counseling services are increasingly available and popular, which results in the correct application of suitable fertilizers, and – in turn – better crops.

Direct communication

Changes in fertilizers distribution system, and the increasing awareness of correct application methods have been possible thanks to initiating a dialog between the chemical sector and the market. This approach constitutes one of the crucial elements of the strategy of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” and the whole chemical sector. Direct communication with farmers enables to find out about and meet their expectations.

Three pillars of modern farming

The so-called “good fertilization practice” is a key factor impacting the volume of crops. The practice involves both making use of one’s experience, and preparing a careful analysis of the situation, so as to ensure proper growth of plants. Recycling the nutrients remaining from agricultural production is an equally important issue, as it helps to limit cost and protect the natural environment. The final consideration is making use of modern technology, which gives Polish agriculture an opportunity to become a competitive sector of the national economy.