Agricultural production made easier

| Polish Market |

The Polish Senate put forward a bill legalizing small-scale production and sale of foodstuffs which would be tax free. If the law took force, many petty agricultural producers could leave the shadow economy zone.

The taxation law which is currently in force allows Polish farmers to remain exempt from paying the income tax as long as they sell only the agricultural products which are unprocessed. However, the craze for “real food from the countryside” has involved sharply increased supply. At various open air and specialized fairs, it is possible to purchase not only apples, carrots or potatoes, but also homemade cheese, bread and cold meats. Turnover of such market stalls is very small, thought, and the sellers usually choose not to abide by Polish law and not to pay tax on their profits.

Should the bill be voted in and accepted, the sale of homemade goods will be officially tax-free and legal. As a result, farmers will not fear tax office inquiries or deal with complicated bookkeeping. Another improvement will concern sanitary standards, as manufacturers of such whole foods will gain even more motivation to hone the quality of offered products.