Agricultural counseling in Poland. How to boost farming efficiency?

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Thiosulfate will be produced in Poland/fot.

According to scientific research, the importance of cooperation in the “fertilizer producers – distributors – agricultural representatives – farmers” chain is on the increase.

Professional farming educators wanted

“PUŁAWY” is among institutions which support the idea that each end-user of our products ought to be supported by a few farming representatives, as well as by advisers specializing in agricultural technology. The strategy of providing farmers with knowledge is an element of business model proven to provide benefits to either side of the process.

Farmers seek information

Whenever I participated in Dni Pola event (Farming Days), I saw agricultural technicians providing farmers with advice and know-how. Farmers attend Dni Pola eagerly and there starts the process of establishing a network of information flow between market participants. This was why “PUŁAWY” and Warsaw University of Life Sciences have launched postgraduate courses for agricultural consultants, in order to increase the knowledge of those professionals. The first exam session has finished recently and 33 graduates received diplomas and certificates of plant protection expertise.

Towards optimized fertilization

As a fertilizer manufacturer, “PUŁAWY” is keen on fostering the education of agricultural consultants. We are intent on following this direction. We are interested in implementing and running the best agricultural practices, so as to make fertilizer use as efficient as possible. It is not about using the largest quantity of fertilizers, but about using them in the best manner possible. We are keen on reducing nitrogen loss during fertilizer application procedures and we are hopeful that in 10 years’ perspective nitrogen use will grow considerably.

Education first

Specialist knowledge about fertilization should be provided to farming entrepreneurs depending on their needs and expectations. Basing on research, experts stress the fact that in while in 2010 as many as 72% farmers took decision concerning fertilization following only their own judgment, in 2012, 35% farmers already took into consideration opinions of their friends and acquaintances! The fertilizer-chemical companies believe that we need to become a part of this trusted circle. A Polish farmer today is a dynamic, hard-working young person, open to the world and to education. All we need is to provide knowledge in an accessible way. Consequently, it is vital to reach the farmers with essential information, using the distributors and their agricultural representatives.

Building mutual trust

Another tool adopted by “PUŁAWY” is organizing and participating in conferences and symposiums. Postgraduate courses and the activity of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center aim at educating farming managers, who will next pass the knowledge on to farmers. As a result, we foster trust between the manufacturer, the agricultural consultant and the farmer.

Based on a talk by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D. at IFMA 19 Congress in Warsaw – July 26th 2013.