Africa needs phosphorous-rich fertilizers

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According to forecast, in 40 years’ time the issue of safe food supply in Africa may become far more serious than it is at the moment. The gap between the capacity of the local agriculture and the actual volume of forecast yields, could reach as much as 30%.

Appropriate fertilization is the starting point

Experts fear that the main reason for the discrepancy between the actual crops and the market demand is poor farming practice, or using fertilizers in inadequate proportions. In most cases, African farmers apply nitrogen-based products, while phosphorous-rich fertilizers are far less popular. This element is essential for plant growth. Although phosphorous is present in the soil, its form is not easily absorbed by cereals and needs to be supplemented.

Phosphorous is needed

Scientists recommend that phosphorous deficiency be minimized, so as to ensure higher crops and to make it possible for the soil to absorb the nitrogen provided in fertilizer form. Paradoxically, it is in Africa that most phosphorous deposits are to be found, namely in Morocco (75% of global excavation of the mineral). In fact, the insufficient use of phosphorous-rich fertilizers results from their high price. African farmers are therefore forced to seek alternative solutions.