A safe village

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The inhabitants of Skoki, a village located in Puławy county, came up with a unique idea to improve safety in their place of living. A defibrillator was installed in the center of the village, and first aid training was organized, showing local people how to use the appliance to save another person’s life.

Each life counts

It was Marek Teper, the chairman of Skoki Voluntary Fire Service, who came up with the idea to install an automated external defibrillator (AED). He was right in noticing that there being a railway crossing on the only access road to Skoki may lead to a situation in which an ambulance will require more time to reach the village. The decision to organize the fundraiser was also triggered by Teper’s personal experiences – as a fireman, he had often witnessed life-threatening situations.

Fundraising campaign

The defibrillator cost 10,000 PLN to purchase and install. The sum was collected thanks to the contribution of numerous village inhabitants and NGO’s, such as “Wspólnota Gruntowa”. Our Works also supported the initiative. The life-saving appliance was finally installed in January 2016. Prior to this, Skoki inhabitants attended training on defibrillator use and the principles of first aid.

Beyond Skoki

News about the health project in Skoki reached Góra Puławska, another village in the region. The local inhabitants have decided to follow their neighbors’ example and launched a fundraiser organized by a charity called “Ratujmy życie” (Saving Life).