A new record set

December 2012 was a historic year for “PUŁAWY”. A record quantity of urea was manufactured in this month.

In a more efficient and cheaper way

1,250,000 tonnes of urea could have been produced thank to the modernized Tlenownia-Amoniak-Mocznik installation and the effort to make the process as effective as possible. It is important because at the same time we managed to decrease the consumption of natural gas used in the production process. The quantity of gas used was 89 million m3.

In the lead

The historic result is not only the figures given in millions and tonnes. Some data looks smaller, but is very telling. To the point: thanks to the increase of urea output by almost 133%, “PUŁAWY” became the second biggest producer of the substance in Europe, with 10% share on the European market. This achievement is a success for the enterprise and a lesson for others: large manufacturing companies may only reap such benefits after substantial investments have been made.