A new installation in Chorzów

| Prospects & Investment |

We are about to finalize a project of starting up the first installation for technical processing of animal fat and vegetable oils into distilled fatty acids and stearin in Poland. The investment worth over 65 million PLN is implemented in Azoty-Adipol PLC chemical works, which has belonged to “PUŁAWY” Group since 2012. The capacity of processing in the installation under construction is 16 000 tonnes of raw resources per year.

New installations – new products

The new investment will enable us to manufacture new products: liquid stearin and in the form of petals (output of 13,200 tonnes per year) and glycerin which is 88% free from methanol (output of 1,600 tonnes per year). Following the completion of the project, Azoty-Adipol will be the one and only producer of stearin in Poland. This substance is useful in production of rubber, detergents, candles and memorial candles, stearates, glues, emulsifiers, softeners, etc.

The investment about to be completed is conducted in turnkey system, immediately ready to use. The general contractor is Profarb Ltd. from Gliwice. We are at the stage of mechanic start-ups of the new installation.

Consistent in implementing our strategy

The project realized in Chorzów embodies the strategy of “PUŁAWY”. We would like to develop new bioproducts, using renewable resources. Our experience so far has shown that such investment projects as the installation in Chorzów make it possible to enter new areas of business activity. A second initiative of this kind is the currently implemented project of FCS Natural company w Puławy, involving organization of a business of supercritical extraction.