A new gas contract with EGESA

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“PUŁAWY” has signed an agreement regarding the supply of natural gas. The contract meant to ensure the material essential for the Company, has been signed with EGESA Energetic Group Inc. Starting from 2013, approximately 10% of the Company’s annual demand for the resource will come from a supplier other than PGNiG. “PUŁAWY” consume about 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

The particular contract with EGE covers the period from January 1st 2013 to January 1st 2014. The conclusion of the agreement concerning the purchase of natural gas results from the Company’s strategy which focuses on the diversification of the supply of strategic resources. Thanks to favorable financial terms of the contract, the Company is likely to make substantial savings.

The agreement is the most valuable one in the history of cooperation between “PUŁAWY” and EGESA Energetic Group Inc. The value of the contract signed on October 29th 2012 amounts to 131 million PLN. The value of other contracts signed by “PUŁAWY” and EGESA Energetic Group Inc. over the past 12 months is 241 million PLN.