A new direction for the Polish economy

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In the foreseeable future the priorities for the Polish economy are the extraction of shale gas and the development of the chemical industry. Such plans are vital for our Company, which is planning investments and counting on the support of the Ministry of Treasury with those investments.

Shale gas fueling the economy

We have considered a few possible scenarios of the economic situation in Poland in a few years' time. Regardless of the size of investment in the shale gas extraction, each scenario ought to prove to be a good and profitable solution.

A new direction for the Polish economy/fot. freepik.comShale gas is vital for “PULAWY”. This fuel shall be used as a material for the manufacturing of ammonia and fertilizers. Shale gas will also power the machinery and make it possible to implement modern and energy-saving technological methods.

Reduction of the total energy consumption brings various benefits – the investment budget may be reduced, the technological procedures simplified and the cost of production cut.

An opportunity for Lublin area

For Lublin and the neighboring region, shale gas may facilitate the integration of the area with the rest of Poland and Europe. Additionally, it is a chance to make the local industry more innovative, which is important seeing that Lublin area's economy is still agriculture-based. Lublin itself will get an opportunity to develop the functions of a local metropolis. A new direction for the Polish economy/fot. freepik.com

Another potential of shale gas is the creation of thousands of new jobs, directly and indirectly connected with excavation of the resource.

Shale gas is much more than a business venture. We ought to treat it also as a civilizational challenge which will fuel the development of the country ad the economy.