A modern fire engine for Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY fire brigade

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Factory Fire Service of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY now boasts a modern fire engine at its disposal. The vehicle with an extraordinary length of 12 meters was custom-built for the brigade. It is the second vehicle of this kind in Poland.


The fire engine, meant to be serviced by three members of staff, was fitted with excellent equipment and appliances. The fire rescue equipment consists of three containers, that is a tank which holds 4,000 liters of water and two tanks with foam concentrate (capacity of 9,000 and 5,000 liters).

A pump with 6,000 liters/minute output is the “heart” of the vehicle. The car is also equipped with water and foam sprayer with 6,000 liters/minute capacity. It can be controlled manually via a joystick or remotely using a pad, in which case the operator can maintain a safe distance of up to 40 meters from the vehicle. Additionally, the car is equipped with two rapid hose reels. Those carts are used for transporting additional sections of fire hoses, providing an additional 80 meters of hose per reel.

Complementing the car park

The new purchase is an important element of modernizing the machinery park of Factory Fire Service in Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. The other vehicles include six fire engines, three chemical rescue vehicles, two medical rescue cars, a technical rescue car and a jack.

The team uses equipment of high quality, participates in regular training sessions and practical exercises. Thanks to all those resources and commitment, the crew can provide prompt and effective response to any kind of hazard, keeping Our Works safe and sound.