A legend reborn

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Thanks to “PUŁAWY” support, a special reissue of “Nowa Aleksandria” appeared on 2 CDs. The album by a band called Siekiera was one of the most famous in Poland in the 1980'. The group existed for a short period of time, but its songs are still loved by Polish and foreign fans of punk rock and New Wave music. For years “Nowa Aleksandria” was the only album documenting the style of the famous band from Puławy.

The re-edition features remastered material from the vinyl record issued by Tonpress as well as a number of records from 1985, which have never been made available to the public until now. Those novelties include demo versions of songs recorded at Cultural Club “Dom Chemika” in Puławy and songs recorded at concerts during Jarocin and Róbrege Festivals. There is also one instrumental piece of music on the album which does not have any counterpart recorded at a musical studio.

The most attractive find among the archival records is a song called “Serce” (“The Heart”), played during the first recording session for Tonpress. This piece of music later evolved into a song called “Jest bezpiecznie/Misiowie puszyści” (“It's Safe/Fluffy Bears”), the debut single of the band. Another reason to pay attention to the reissue is an interesting insert prepared by the recording studio. The insert contains interviews with the members of the band, recollections of shows from mid-eighties and original photographs, including pictures with “PUŁAWY” in the background.

Patronage over album by “Siekiera” serves as a proof that “PUŁAWY” act to support local values of universal meaning and importance. It suffices to mention the fact that covers of songs from “Nowa Aleksandria” have been recorded as far as in Japan.