A fruitful November-December period

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Record high prices of “PUŁAWY” stock on Warsaw Stock Exchange, the payout of a higher dividend and the appointment of the new Supervisory Board – these pieces of news concerning our activity investors have found the most interesting in recent weeks.

Stock exchange milestone

The stock of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” S.A. traded at the highest price ever on December 2nd, 2013, when the price rose by 2.7% to 194.95 PLN per share. The figure surpassed the previous record, when the stock had climbed to 193 PLN. Analysts estimate that the price may even reach 210 PLN per one “PUŁAWY” share.

A fruitful November-December period/fot. photopin.comRising profit for shareholders

At the latest General Meeting, Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” shareholders took a decision to increase the dividend for 2012/2013 trade year from 8.55 to 10.58 PLN per share. Consequently, on January 17th, 2014, the company will pay out 198,413,700 PLN in profit to the owners of 19,115,000 shares. However, the lion's share of the dividend will remain in Grupa Azoty, the owner of “PUŁAWY” and the holder 95.98% of company shares.

The 8th term of “PUŁAWY” Supervisory Board has commenced

In late November the new “PUŁAWY” Supervisory Board was nominated at the General Meeting of Shareholders. Cezary Możeński was elected the Chairman of the Board, while the Members of the Board now include Marek Kapłucha, Jerzy Koziara, Andrzej Skolmowski, Andrzej Bartuzi and Jacek Wójtowicz. Mr Bartuzi and Mr Wójtowicz serve as representatives of “PUŁAWY” staff on the Supervisory Board.