4th “Science – Business – Agriculture” Conference

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“Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference organized by PUŁAWY Competences Center was held on November 26th, 2014. It was the fourth event in the series. The Conference was attended by the representatives of scientific institutions and government agencies, agricultural manufacturers and the leaders of providing chemical products for the agricultural market.

Conclusions from the report

This year’s edition of the event was organized in Puławy Science-Technology Park. The Conference was inaugurated by the official presentation of a report called 25 years of Polish agriculture. Food security in Europe. Authors of the document, Professor Janusz Igras and Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., presented the main findings and the conclusions of the report and the results of the poll conducted among the opinion leaders in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture is currently the fourth largest sector of the Polish economy. The past 25 years have been a period of dynamic changes, also in the agricultural production. The scale of this transformation is evident in the rural areas. Paweł Jarczewski, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty, said that “agriculture should maintain its value. It is necessary for farming to become the first or second sector fueling the development of the country in ten years’ time.”

Polish brands win over the European markets

In the next part of the conference, a discussion was held about the Polish brands in the agricultural production. Those brands are beginning to conquer the market of Europe and the world. The representatives of those brands, which are known abroad, participated in the discussion. In the international arena, Poland is a renown producer of food thanks to the excellent environmental conditions, which enable us to produce healthy and delicious products. Professor Janusz Igras said that “agricultural manufactures are aware of the high quality of products and they perceive the large future potential(…), this is why we should look at the agricultural sector in the business sense”.

The importance of liming

The following part of the Conference concerned the liming of the soil. Professors Jan Siuta and Stanisław J. Pietr presented their talks. Professor Siuta discussed his theory that uneven mineral fertilization (especially with nitrogen and potassium) makes the soil acidic, deteriorating the conditions of growth and development of the plans. Liming of the soil is environmentally-friendly and beneficial for the crops. This fact has been known for a long time and it is an important element of rational agrotechnology.

Professor Pietr spoke about the the difference liming makes for the biological activity of the soil. Regular liming has a positive impact on the soil and reduces its acidity. This is important because once soil becomes acidic, the availability of nutrients (including phosphorous, calcium and magnesium) is reduced, while the quantity of heavy metals in the soil grows.

The presentations and the talks by the experts at the 4th “Science-Business-Agriculture” Conference have been posted on the website of “Puławy” Competences Center.