2014, the year of investments

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In 2013 Our Works launched a number of projects which constitute a part of the long-term investment schedule in Grupa Azoty, and will help enhance our position of the fertilizers-chemical market. Another element of the strategy of collective sustainable growth is the cooperation with external partners, aimed both at gaining resources and boosting the energy supply potential.

Development of fertilizers segment

Investments in installations and technology, which have direct influence on fertilizers and chemical products manufacturing, lead to boosting the potential of Our Works on a number of markets. 2013 investments worth mentioning are the start-up of the production of liquid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulfate (worth 69.5 million PLN), the preparation to the launch of the production of solid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulfate (137.5 million PLN), and the erection of ammonia stockage (108.5 million PLN). In 2013 we also opened the first Polish installation for the processing of animal fats and vegetable oils for the extraction of a mix of distilled fatty acids and stearin (worth 65 million PLN).

Taking care of the environment

Major investments completed by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” include the construction of a flue-gas desulfurization plant which cost 229.2 million PLN. It is worth mentioning that at the launch, it was the first such installation in Europe and the third in the world! The investment confirms our strategy of taking care of the environment, technological innovation, and the philosophy of constant development of our potential.

Resources and energy

2013 brought many positive pieces of news concerning resources and energy supply market. Thanks to initiating cooperation with external partners, we may be more confident about the future. The projects which have been initiated or are planned include joint search of resources (natural gas, phosphogypsum, potassium salt, phosphorites) with KGHM, and the plan to build a combined cycle power plant with 800-900 MWe capacity, in cooperation with PGE.