110 years of the town of Puławy

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2016 marks an anniversary of granting Puławy municipal rights in 1906. 110 years ago Nowa Aleksandria (the current name is Puławy) became a town by the decision of the Russian Tzar. The villages of Mokradki and Puławy Zarobne were included in the city limits.

Protecting political influence

Political motives had dictated the Tzar’s decision. Following the revolution of 1905, the policy of Russian authorities towards the Poles has been relaxed. At the same time, wishing to maintain the authority on Polish soil, the Tzar aimed to strengthen his influence on regional level. By making Nowa Aleksandria a town, he achieved two targets – the municipality could develop faster, while the members of local administration were recruited from the townspeople.

Between the wars

Following World War I, the former name of the town was restored. It had been known as Puławy since 1603. The town embarked on a period of fast growth focused on agricultural industry. The State Scientific Institute of Agriculture was established at this time. However, the real popularity of the town was owed to tourists, who frequented Puławy as a major holiday destination and a spa upon the Vistula river. The outbreak of World War II marked a sudden stop to the development process.

Construction of Nitrates Works

In 1960, the authorities of People’s Republic of Poland took the decision to erect Nitrates Works in Puławy. The construction of the chemical complex proved to be a milestone in post-war history of the town. The presence of the factory attracted new inhabitants to settle in Puławy. Once a rural spa, the town became a robust industrial center in the East of the country.

Anniversary of the town

110 years after the Tzar’s decision, Puławy is a major municipality in Lublin voivodeship. The Nitrates Works continue to make a decisive impact on the development of the town and the region.

Apart from the industrial facilities, our town boasts numerous tourist attractions, including monuments in Czartoryscy Park, such the 17th century Czartoryscy palace, the 18th century Temple of Sybil, and the Gothic House built in the early 19th century.

The schedule of jubilee celebrations includes various cultural, sport and promotional events organized from February to autumn of 2016. Puławy Days in June 2016 are expected to be the climax of anniversary celebrations.