10 years of changes in Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”

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Poland joining the European Union was a major event also for the Polish chemical-fertilizers industry. Thanks to our country’s participation in EU structures, Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” gained the opportunity to develop at a much quicker pace.

Reaching out for the resources

The investment budget of Our Works reached 1,110 million PLN in 2007-2013. We also managed to acquire over 55 million PLN in EU financing. As a result, it was feasible to erect the Water Demineralization Plant, the Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant and renovate the installation of CO2 removal from ammonia synthesis gas. The first of those investments makes it possible to produce much more fresh water for our CHP plant, and for the production of caprolactam, melamine, hydrogen peroxide, AdBlue®; it has also helped reduce the quantity of waste. Thanks to other ventures, we could limit the quantity or greenhouse gases reaching the atmosphere. An extra benefit of the modernization is the possibility to recover sulphur, which is used in the production of new fertilizer formulas, such as RSMS.

More than investments

Another important element of our presence in the united European structures is “PUŁAWY’s” membership in international associations, such as Fertilizers Europe, European Melamine Producers Association, European Panel Federation, European Petrochemical Association, International Fertilizer Industry Association and Nylon 6 Promotional Group. Our activity in those organizations, and the fact that staff and managers of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” have been appointed to important positions, make it possible to take better care of our interest on the forum of EU structures. Together with partners from 28 member states, we are able to take effective measures to ensure energy supply safety, natural gas supply, influence legal regulations concerning competition with Russian manufacturers of fertilizers, or the negotiations concerning Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Perspectives for the future

New EU budget framework and further stages of development of our company are at our doorstep. We are confident that this period will prove as fruitful as the past decade, and “PUŁAWY” will strengthen its position in the Great Chemical Synthesis sector home and abroad.