PUŁAWY” to deliver fertilizers worth over 700 million PLN!

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Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” continues to develop in each of the areas of its activity. This translates into increasing efficiency of production, as well as increasing the sales of fertilizers and chemical products. At the beginning of June, new contracts regarding fertilizers were singed by Our Works. Their joint value exceeds 700 million PLN!

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Recovered water

We have written about scientists from Vermont, who have prepared the method of sourcing substances useful in the production of fertilizers from human urine. Their colleagues from University of Michigan launched a research project aiming at re-using of substances contained in manure.

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Grupa Azoty opts for research

At Polska Chemia 2014 Congress, an intentional letter was signed as a declaration of cooperation between Grupa Azoty and chemical research institutes. The goal of the agreement is to make use of the scientific potential and research infrastructure for the implementation of Grupa Azoty’s strategy of development.

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