More expensive fertilizers within a decade

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The lack of common EU policy on energy results in Russia treating particular countries in various manner during trade negotiations concerning the pricing of natural gas. Consequently, the cost of manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilizers is rising at a different pace in various countries.

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Natural fertilization

We have already blogged about the American scientists who use manure and human waste to recover nutrients which support the development of the plants. Technologies which they have developed make it possible to capture valuable dietary elements, which may next be used in the agricultural production.

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Azoty Puławy team prepares for the new season

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Azoty Puławy team, which finished the league matches in a position right after the top three, has commenced preparations for the next season. The team, which is sponsored by Grupa Azoty Zakładów Azotowych “PUŁAWY”, now features a number of new players. Also, Dragan Markovic is the new coach who will lead the team as of the new season.

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