Polish Chemistry Congress 2015 has finished

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The second edition of Polish Chemistry Congress was held on June 11-12th, 2015 in Puławy Science-Technology Park. The most important event in the chemical industry in Poland was attended by over 400 delegates, including representatives of the leading chemical enterprises in the country, politicians and business experts.
Grupa Azoty was the Strategic Partner and the host of the event.

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Azoty Puławy handball players encourage kids to do sport

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Fewer and fewer Polish kids have been taking part in PE classes in recent years. In order to reduce the scale of this phenomenon, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism launched “Stop absenteeism from physical education classes” campaign. Anna Lewandowska, a karate fighter and fitness expert, took up the role of an ambassador of the event. Azoty Puławy handball players also joined in the project on Children’s Day celebrations in Puławy.

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Promoting sustainable fertilizer use

Incorrect use of fertilizer mixes is a very frequent problem in agricultural production, and it may lead to failing to provide the essential nutrients to the soil. The key to improving the situation is supporting the idea of sustainable farming. The Indian government has decided to take action and has commissioned soil analysis on a number of farms in the country. The enterprise is aimed at improving soil quality and efficiency.

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Climate change is a threat to global food security

At present there are 7 billion people in the world, while by 2050 the number is expected to reach 10 billion. Experts fear that the availability of drinking water will have become a serious problem, while excessive consumption and climate change are likely to have a negative impact on global agricultural production. Authorities of particular countries need to show more concern over food safety.

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