Food security at European Economic Congress 2015

European Economic Congress 2015 in Katowice provided an excellent opportunity to discuss one of the pivotal issues in the contemporary world, namely food security. The representatives of Grupa Azoty took part in the debate.

On the one hand, the global population is constantly rising. On the other hand, the acreage of arable land is falling. Are the systems of agricultural organization and food production capable of feeding all the people in the world?

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Experts discussed global food security

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There are 7 billion people in the world, and this figure is to reach 9 billion by 2050. Is the world prepared to feed such a population? At “Pulse of the Economy” program in Polish Radio, the discussion about global food security was attended by Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the Vice Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, Sebastian Jarzębowski Ph.D. from the Economics and Enterprise Organization at Warsaw School of Life Sciences and Professor Janusz Igras, the Scientific Director of New Chemical Syntheses Institute.

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World Food Day 2015: Food Security

World Food Day is celebrated on April 7th, the anniversary of the establishment of World Health Organization. This year’s Day was celebrated under the slogan of “Food Security”. The Day provided an opportunity to remember and emphasize the role which each of us plays in order to ensure global security with regard to food provision.

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