Urban farming – sustainable opportunity for development

Permaculture is a new buzzword in ecology. It refers to the creation of sustainable architecture of human habitats and self-regulating agricultural systems shaped so as to resemble the natural ecosystems. In practice, permaculture has reached the status of a way of thinking, and involves the implementation of scientific discoveries in activities benefiting the natural environment.

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How the USA is shaping rational approach to mineral fertilizers application

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Fertilizers are indispensable for increasing production and the improvement of farm profitability. Their incorrect application, however, might bring about negative consequences for the natural environment and the local species. The American farmers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that intensive farming, including the use of excessive amounts of fertilizers, plays a role in rising greenhouse gases emissions in the USA. Fortunately, there are solutions that might stop the trend, improve the current condition of soil and groundwater, and protect them from further contamination.

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Great success of Azoty Pulawy!

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Handball players of Azoty Puławy have enjoyed a successful season, as their team won the bronze medal for the first time in the history of the club. The achievement coincided with the 10th anniversary of the team’s participation in the premier league. The players and the coaches met the representatives of the general sponsor of the club on Wednesday.

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Taking care of safety

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Promoting the use of light-reflecting vests by bikers was initiated by Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY in 2014. The vests were given to all members of company staff who ride bikes. Also, for the past few years Factory Fire Service has been involved in ”Taking care of safety together” project, which is targeted at children and teens.

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Food security at European Economic Congress 2015

European Economic Congress 2015 in Katowice provided an excellent opportunity to discuss one of the pivotal issues in the contemporary world, namely food security. The representatives of Grupa Azoty took part in the debate.

On the one hand, the global population is constantly rising. On the other hand, the acreage of arable land is falling. Are the systems of agricultural organization and food production capable of feeding all the people in the world?

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