Driverless tractors

| Foreign Markets |

Self-driving cars by Google can already be spotted on Californian roads. Thanks to the radar on the roof and custom software, the vehicles may drive from the starting point to the destination point autonomously, without the supervision of a human driver.

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Food security in Poland on the increase

| Polish Market |

In the latest Global Food Security Index commissioned DuPont, Poland took the 26th place among 109 countries listed in the ranking. The result is 1.8 points better than in the last year. This serves as a proof that the joint activity of Polish scientists, businesspeople, agricultural manufacturers and politicians in has brought about increased food supply safety in our country.

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More expensive fertilizers within a decade

| Products |

The lack of common EU policy on energy results in Russia treating particular countries in various manner during trade negotiations concerning the pricing of natural gas. Consequently, the cost of manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilizers is rising at a different pace in various countries.

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